Bulkhead issue, repair or replace?

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I am new to the forum. I recently purchased a 1978 J24, hull 973. It was a very good deal but it does have a soft spot in the bulk head that I would like to address before putting the mast up and putting it in the water. It is soft on the port side between the chain plate and the hull. It does not seem to be soft where the chain plate is. The spot is about 10 inches in diameter. I can try and get some pictures but you cant tell its soft without actually touching it. My question is, do i need to cut out the whole bulkhead or could i get away with just patching and epoxying the spot. I am the second owner of this boat and it has never been raced. All of the deck hardware is in its original location and there is only 1 soft spot where someone did ad a manual baler pump at some point. I don't plan to race this boat as there is a good size fleet already where I am and plenty of crewing opportunities. I plan to use it to practice what I've learned while racing.

Thank you!