Broken Mast

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Okay, I guess I get the Darwin award for breaking my mast in two pieces as I was trying to pull around a tree to launch. (Note to self: in future, go AWAY from trees rather than toward them.)

I've got a 1985, sail number 585. What can I do about replacing the mast? Are there after-market places that stock C-14 masts, or do they have to be custom built? Does the factory carry replacements? Any idea on how much this particular lesson will cost me?

Any help or suggestions (besides the whole tree-avoidance thing) is appreciated. Thanks!
Oh man.... I feel for you. I hit the tree twice also on the very tip of the mast. Fortunately no damage except some big scatch on the mast. I am not sure if there is an aftermarket mast that you can buy. May be you can call Catalina to find out the cost of a new one: 818-884-7700. Good luck.

I think Dwyer does make the Catalina masts but at $20 a foot you're going to spend $400 from them for a bare mast and I think Catalina sells one complete for about $500 and change.
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I was afraid of that ($400 - $500) price figure. Is the difference between a "bare" mast and Catalina's simply that Catalina's has the spreaders already attached? My break occurred just below the spreaders, and they are still fine from what I can tell. None of the rigging broke (it is less than 5 years old), just the original mast.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions (and sympathy).

John Mark Connolly
The part you'll get from Dwyer is the bare extrusion. You would need to attach your spreaders at the precise locations plus all other hardware. I'm not sure if the bare mast even comes with the slots milled in for attaching your boom.

There would be no holes pre-drilled for locating anything. All of that would have to be done by you following the capri 14.2 manuals specs for locations of various attachment points.

I would spend the extra hundred or so and get the mast with all items attached including tangs, shrouds etc.
Did it snap the mast cleanly in two or did it mutilate the whole mast? If you are not worried about it being perfect for racing, etc. It might be worth a try to have someone TIG weld the mast and put some scab peices over the break for added strength. If done right the patched area should be stronger than the original mast. It depends on where it broke and stuff of course.