Brands of mainsheet blocks on Boom?


Believe it or not, I don't really care one way or the other. I still use the WC blocks that came on my '69 fish, am using the original sail, tie my main sheet to the bridle, still have the "hook", metal bailer and drain plug. I plan on getting a mainsheet block (get rid of the knee banging hook) and a new sail when I can. I do have a Barrington board and rudder upgrade because they came with the SF. My intention on continuing this post was to get the attention of the council members, commitee member and representitives and you sir for one are to be applauded for responding. I agree with your post #19 (see post #8), it won't make any difference in the long run. Getting the youngsters involved is up to the individual sailors and clubs, not "high tech" equipment. If you and your fellow representatives and council members would vote on the subject of boom blocks, one way or the other, this matter would be settled once and for all. I was the "Devils Advocat", bring up different points about the blocks and partially succeeded in getting a discussion going. Thanks to Old Geezer, Dphoyle, Tim, yourself and a few others for your remarks. I agree with OG, this is going nowhere and we should close this discussion.
NE Sunfish said:
I was thinking the same thing.....I don't feel comfortable being an old geezer in my mid 30's. Where do we go from here?
Hopefully you'll get to the age I'm at. LOL and I'll get the age Will White is.
supercub said:
This is going nowhere and we should close this discussion.
Once again apathy rules and the Sunfish class is preserved as a "classic" - much like the Ford Edsel, Ebbets Field and "I love Lucy". Long may it remain so.