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Can you guys help me please? I bought a brand new Laser S in the UK in the mid 80's, sailed it once and stored it in my parents garage roof (inside). Then I came to the USA and it has been there ever since. It has a brilliant white hull with the three blue stripes and a brilliant white deck. I have it in top and bottom covers. I also have one full rig and centerboard and ruddder covers. No trailer or trolly. I was told they only made 100 of this model - true? I don't want to sell it but have someone bugging me for a price. What's it worth? Thanks. I forgot to include the sail number - I think it is 88652.
I think you are underestimating the hull number the three blue stripe hull came out around the late 1984/5 100000, 110000. At the same time there was a orange three striped hull, there probably only was 100 made but Ive seen three for sale this year, but yours only sailed once, still in mint condition ? I would have thought something like £1200-£1500 only because no trailer & 80s controls. That's more than you would have payed new in 1984 & that also would be based on the hull having been stored dry & well.


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The biggest question is whether the hull still has its shape. If the boat has been upside down for twenty years it has probably sagged down next to the centerboarrd trunk and is now concave where originally it was convex.
if it has been hung right side up by its gunwales and supported in a sufficient number of places , it may be nearly perfect.

The boat will not last as well as a newer boat as the resin has not only aged but is an inferrior material compared to today's resins...Half af all the world's history of small fiberglass boat building has occurred since your boat was manufactured...resin is lots better now. Newer boats also have some improvements in the laminates where older boats were known to have failures.

But...it may be stiffer at first as it has had lots of time to cure.

You can honestly tell your friend..."It's worth two or three thousand bucks."
The original Laser S was indeed an 88000 series and I have seen several of the Blue stripe boats of that age including 88672 and 88705.

I think there was a second series of boats which had blue or orange stripes made around 82/83 and I have seen both blue and orange stripe ones with sail numbers between 112000 and 115000. It's possible that this series may have been sold as "Blue Magic" or "Orange Magic" boats.

This is the original advertisment for the Laser S.


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