Brand New AMF Sunfish; 1976?; Bronx NY

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Hi I am new to this site. I have an AMF Sunfish that was bought late 60's early 70's and never used. It was safely stored in the garage since then. It comes complete with all original unused items. The sail, the trailer and whatever else that it came with.

Its located in Bronx, NY.

I would like to sell this to someone who will appreciate it and actually use it. I am not a boat connoisseur but some friends who have boats on the LI Sound say that its worth about $1500. If anyone is interested or can give me a better estimate about its worth please let me know.

Thanks for looking!
Interesting. It would be very helpful to date the boat to get a better idea of its value.
Pre- or post-1972 makes a big difference as there were a number of design changes in the early 1970s. Questions:

(a) Does it have an aluminum tag deck just behind the "V" of the splashrail, and if so, what is the serial number on the tag?


(b) Is there a number engraved on the upper right hand side of the transom as you face the bow or a sticker at the same location with a number that probably starts with "AMF"? If so, what is the number?

(c) Does the rudder attach to the rear deck with heavy bronze deck and keel fittings or is there a stainless steel "U" shaped fitting bolted to the transom and kick-up springs on the side of the rudder head?

Post answers to these questions, and folks here on the Sunfish Forum can probably date the age of the boat and comment on your asking price. A few photos of the hull, rudder and daggerboard would also be helpful.

Just curious - how is it that the boat went into storage and was never used all these years?

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
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THanks for the response. A little personal history on it, my uncle bought it in his early 20's with intentions to learn to race it. Then he got a great job in Manhattan that had him traveling, then he got married, had kids and the Sunfish got forgotten in the midst of all that. After he moved out of the house he couldnt take it with him so he gave it to my dad but he isnt a sailboat person so we are selling it so it can get used by someone who appreciates it. It really is a beautiful boat white with yellow stripe and mint condition. I have to take some pictures of it.

I will also get you all the information you asked and post here.
Again thanks for responding.
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Sorry it took awhile to respond.

The serial number is engraved on the boat and its AMF 35648 M 760

Also there is no brass on the boat just aluminum.

Have not had the opportunity to take it down and set it up to take better photos unfortunately but like I said its mint condition and never used.
Based on the Hull I.d. number, your boat is a 1976 AMF Alcort boat whicl will have the "new style" (i.e. post-1972) rudder configuration and an aft cockpit storage compartment. Photos will still be helpful.

Alan Glos
Hello, i don t know if this ever got sold. I would like to buy it if still available. I have 4 kids and will be an awesome thing for them. Please contact me at: info(at)KennySilva(dot)com
OK. I see others have tried.
I would like to buy your boat. Is it still available? My family is in Queens.
Let me know if you still have it for sale.
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