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Bow bashing

Chas III

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I cleaned this area well & took Off the trim. Delamination (separation) cracks go back to arrows.


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Not at all an infrequent repair. You'll probably experience more stress in straightening the aluminum trim. ;)

Use a coarse metal file (or a saber saw—using a wood blade) to roughen-up the seam's contact areas. Fill generously with a syringe containing THIXO epoxy and clamp evenly—as we did here:

Alum run rail on sunfish | SailingForums.com

Coarse sandpaper will remove the surface cracks in the gelcoat. Add cloth and resin to build up what has been lost. (Fill, fair, and finish).

The aluminum trim will need a very different approach—maybe heat :oops: . We'll need pictures.


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If the aluminum trim was damaged (and not lost in the crash) pictures of each aspect. (Placed on a flat surface).


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Dang, that nose repair job looks familiar for some reason. :D