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Bottom compound and wax


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I have owned my laser for 5 years.
The boat's in excellent condition but the gelcoat on the hull is fading.
Can any one recommend the best compound and wax?
I would like to begin to race her in our club racers.
Rock Hall Yacht Club, Rock Hall, MD ( Stop by and visit. )
Thanks in advance.
John Steimer.


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Some people just stick with a 600, 800 wet sand and call it good. Others go after that and use 3M; 1500, 2500, 3500 grit products. Any carnauba wax after you get the polish you want.

Tom Vollbrecht

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If you want a fast finish, wet sand it to at least 800 grit, then use polishing compound with a buffing wheel, then swirl mark remover with the buffing wheel. Do NOT use wax. Either leave it as it is, or put McLube Hullkote on it.