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Well, I have decided to go with the Zhik boots and the Zhik Hiking strap...It sounds like a good system that is worth giving a try. Except, I don't know what boots to get. I was thinking about the Max Support 400 Boot, however I am worrying that the Zhik material doesn't go down far enough on the toe. So I was also considering the Ankle Boot 100 because the material goes all the way down to the toe, and it is a reasonable price. However, I am worried that it won't give me enough support. Any opinions from those few people that have used the boots or ankle boots in general would be awesome. Thanks.
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There has to have been somebody that has sailed with ankle boots before...Please any advice is wanted on Ankle Boots/Zhik Hiking boot question.
If 'ankle boots' are those which don't come up over your ankle bone, but stop below then I use them. I have not had any problems and find they protect my feet (I would rather sail barefoot) without being cumbersome . The only bit they don't protect is when you are in medium conditions in and out of the toe strap. When you are like this and not wearing long leggings, the toe strap can irritate the top of your ankle. But if you have tough skin, strong ligaments, then ankle booties should be just fine.
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Ankle boots are what Sarah described they go up to right below the ankle bone. I am wondering if I shoul get the Ankle Zhik boots or the Max Support Zhik boots.
If you are still considering at this point, my two cents are to go for the Aigle Maramu. Best sailing boot money can buy. I have a pair and they are amazing. You can put a wet-suit sock in when it gets cold and they're very warm, or nothing when the water is warmer or you don't plan on getting water over the top eyelet. Also, the hiking support and grip are phenomenal. Just make sure you get the right size! Probably better to err on the smaller side as they seem to fit a bit big. Anyways, good luck with whatever you pick.
Hi, I know I may be abit out. Just want to share with all that I am not using the normal sailing boot.
Instead, I am using watershoes from Adidas. Ankles are exposed so it forces you to hike from your toes.... A very simple slip-on shoes, no zip, no extra paddings... but offer a comfortable foot grip
get the aigle marramu's. I use a zihk hiking strap and they stick to it good. my first real hiking boots were the plastic Gill ones with no neoprene in them and i wore those down hardcore..but they were also discontinued so i couldn't get new ones. i wanted new ones but the neoprene ones have NO support whatsoever. so i ordered the aigle maramus and their killer.
Hey guys
Personally my fav choice would have to be the zhik strap with the zhik 200 boots. But I know lots of my mates hate wearing boots. Luckily for them zhik has come up with some pretty wicked boot-like apparel for them to wear
. Have a look
Also Zhik has all their new product range just released today. Check it out.

Hope it helped
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