Boomless JY15 sails

Alan j

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We got this crazy idea to over canvas saterday.
We had some bran new jy15 sails from intesity sails. Luff 18.4 and foot 8.3
And the jib want all the way up the forestay. We ran boomless and rigged a 2:1 right of the traveler to the clew .
Wind was reported as 5.7 with 7 gust.
Mission bay CA.
It was a crazy day we hauled butt with the light winds but we couldnt go upwind and pinch that much with no boom and trying to hold the rear block to center over the tiller. Also down wind i had to use my forespare and manualy hold out the main.
With the small drawbacks it felt like a big day with the larger sails .

The experiment worked well .
So we now have three sets of sails
We run flying junior sails in high winds or with kids or just for beer sailing.
Stock sails for medium winds 8-10

And when its only 5 knots roll out the kites :)