BoomKicker (newbie) Question


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Am I correct in that the only thing keeping the gooseneck from sliding up is the cunningham?
I installed a a BoomKicker and without the cunningham holding down the gooseneck, the BoomKicker just acts as a fulcrum.
Thanks for any info!
Thanks for nothing ;) I figured it out on my own sailing this afternoon! When the sail is down, you need something to hold the gooseneck down. The cunningham works or if you want to have that free (i.e., sail not attached yet) you can just run another line through gooseneck (same hole as Cunningham) and secure below to hold front of boom down. I used one of the clamshell cleats on my mast and added a stopper knot to make sure boom wouldn't fall.
The Boom Kicker is awesome. So nice not to have the boom in the cockpit when sail is down.
Setting the boom vang at proper tension against the kicker makes for a stable boom while under sail. And since the kicker is kind of springy I also hook the main halyard to the back of the boom and tension up between there and the sheet line when motoring or at the dock. Then everything's super stable. With the luxury of a trolling motor I'm able to power from/to the dock and hoist/lower the main while underway. Makes life a lot easier!


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