i really wanted to go but we couldnt afford getting a hotel room again after orange bowl. it sucks when you live about 2 hours away which makes it so you have to get a hotel room. how were the winds.
ohh man, boomerang was pretty sweet this year. light winds? saturday they must have been gusting out of the northwest at about 25 MPH and i am a relatively heavy (130 pounds) 4.7 sailor and i had trouble keeping the boat down. i came in 3rd. The winner in the 4.7 fleet came in all the way from San Franciso Yacht Club. Also, Fred Strammer, one of the best youth full-rig sailors ive ever met, dropped into the radial class for this regatta due to heavy winds. he was the winner in that fleet.

I was down in FL for the weekend, and some friends suggested we sail this event.

Nice idea. As of Thursday, no official NOR had been posted on the web, and the entry form listed an $80 fee. For a 2-day regatta. I was told this included 5 meals (over a weekend?!?) and a long-sleeve T-shirt.

Rip off the opti kids and their parents. I kept my money and sailed in Miami.