Boom vang

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Can someone give me a hand. I replaced my vang blocks and rope. Looking for help setting it back up. A picture would be worth ten thousand words :) I attached a single block with becket to the wire lead and replaced the v jam with a fiddle block with becket and came cleat. I can't for the life of me figure out how the rope goes. Help ! Hehe
Tie the line end to the becket on the block with the cleat, then lead it to the block on the wire, back to the block with the cleat and exit through the cleat.
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Awesome, thanks. I was looking at the handbook and it looked like it was tied off to the becket on the single block and I couldn't get it to work. Yikes, When will I learn :)
My 1989 Mod2 has the same setup. Although, I sail solo mostly, so I turned the whole system around. I have the block at the boom. So I can just pull down on the vang to get it tight. When I have crew sailing with me it gets in the way, so I just wrap it around the block.