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I bought a 1988 14.2 two days ago and while setting it up in my yard for the first time, I noticed that the boom vang fitting was not in the groove in the mast where it is supposed to be.

It is normally held in by two bolts. It appears that the bolt holes in the mast are stripped. It also appears that the previous owner may have intentionally hammered the fitting out of the mast as there are chisel marks on one end of the fitting.

Anyway, any suggestions on repairing this? Should I just get some stainless steel screws a little oversized and reinstall it? I was also thinking about getting two boom stops and putting one on either side of the fitting to hold it in place. Would this hold it without the screws being installed?

One other thing, this is the third sailboat I've owned and have never reefed a mainsail. My 14.2 has reef points but I don't know how to rig lines to use them. Is there a simple way to install lines to these points to reef the main?

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