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Boom front, rear end and mast step

I'm from Brazil and own Laser #163527.
I'm trying to make her as new as I can and trying to change the plastic front end (at the gooseneck), rear end and the mast step end.
I have already removed the rivet at the boom front end but the plastic part is stuck, any tips on how to remove?


Former ISAF Laser Measurer
You'll probably also need to remove the rivet/s from the other end of the end (just one fairlead rivet and maybe one saddle rivet).

At this point there are two techniques.
1. Using a chisel or flat screw driver and hammer to knock / pry the rear end plug. This will mangle the plug but if you're replacing these, no problems.
The insert something heavy into the boom like a cold chisel, that can slide all the way to the other end and use this to knock other plug out. Do the same for the bottom section plug.

2. If you remove the front saddle and vang fitting rivets, the sleeve will be loose inside the boom. This can be used to knock the gooseneck plug out and also the bottom section plug. You'll probably need to use something thinner to knock the other boom end plug off.

* By knocking out the plug, you need to let whatever heavy object you have in the boom drop vertically 50cm +


In addition to Alan's advice, and if you are in Brazil now, you want to remove the plugs when the spars are as cool as possible, there is just enough expansion when they are heated from summer sun temps to make it almost impossible.

I've also had good luck dropping the biggest size drill but that will fit thru the goose neck hole to knock out the back plug (when I've needed to reuse the plug), I've got an extra long one that packs enough weight to get the job done


I just removed a 1974 boom gooseneck plug. Tried the drill out method with much mangling. No good. Got the heat gun out. Drilled a small hole and inserted a self tapping screw. Heated it up good, aluminum and plastic. Plug became pliable and pulled right out with vise grips.
Plugs are out now. Put the new ones in is another history, they are so tight that I may need to put some WD40 and a rubber hammer to put them in. If I knew that would be a pain in the ass like that I would never mess with those ends.