Bondo/Filler/Adhesive Composition?

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The mast step donut and the rear cockpit to hull corners has "bondo" composite goo that was used during original manufacturing. What is this stuff specifically? My aft cockpit to hull joint has broken. I'm thinking rather than getting into a significant glassing project that I'd loosen the old stuff with acetone renove old goo and squeeze in new stuff, clamp and be done.
I installed inspection ports yesterday in my old '73 and mast step donut is in great shape and goo is nice and hard. Amazing the condition these boats can stay in if stored indoors in off season and between outings. Completely dry and never a leak after 40 years, they don't build them like they used to!
You should use epoxy to repair it. It has much higher adhesion than polyester resin or bondo(polyester filler). The green stuff around my mast step on an 89 was a very brittle polyester filler.

I would put some glass around the mast step base if you have access to it. Bonding the hull to the tube. 2" up the tube and 2-3" on to the hull is adequate.