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Boat Storage (Canada)


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With my first winter with the boat I'd love to hear how some of you are storing your boat. Mine is currently in my garage. Only problem is that its not insulated. Its pretty cold in it, as I have no basement/ floor insulation underneath. Will the cold damage the fibreglass in any way? Should I keep the cover on it?



Bateau Blanc
radial sailor,Torrid is right: cold affects the sailor- not the (dry) boat. Fine. Mine (47747) did 23 years in Quebec in an unheated lake shed, and 8 in Australia. Remove the plug, empty/dry the boat, deposit it on 3 tires and wait for spring while reading your preferred strategy/go faster books. Best: come in Australia and join us for the Nationals/Masters.

Harvey Specter

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The Key with a laser is to keep the hull dry, some people run air through the inspection port for a couple hours to dry everything up before storage.
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