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Did you buy one of the Shore Ramps or does that one belong to someone else? You haven't shown your dolly but I wonder if you could add a winch similar to that on the Shore Ramp to your dolly. Harbor Freight sells those. The nice thing is that they have a ratcheting feature.
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I ended up buying the ramp. I could not add a winch to my Dynamic dolly. The issue with the dolly was getting. The boat from the sand onto the strap. The boat boat dragged against the dolly frame and was very difficult to slide over the strap.

So far I am very happy with the ramp, my concern is that the boat is sitting only on the 4 wheels per side to support its weight.


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Where do the wheels of the ramp touch the hull? I presume it's the bottom and I would be concerned that the wheels might indent the hull if the boat rests on those for longer periods of time. More in general, the bottom of the Sunfish isn't really strong. The boat is about 130 lbs; hence, the weight per wheel would be around 16 lbs, spaced over a small area of contact (1 inch square or so?).
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It is a Laser on the ramp, and yes the wheels are spaced 23.5" apart (width wise) and there are 4 pairs of wheels holding up the boat for about 16-17 pounds per wheel with about 1 square inch of contact.
Not a bad setup, you could always add support once the boat is hauled all the way out of the water. By support, I mean pieces of lumber under the rails, some foam (pool noodles) placed in strategic locations, etc., anything to take some of the weight off those rollers, yeah? :rolleyes:

Edit: After further consideration, why not build a cradle or some cradle sections to specifically match the dimensions of the ramp? Add padding to help distribute the load, and you'd be in business. You could anchor the cradle or cradle sections too if necessary, perhaps bolt it all to the ramp somehow so it's always in the right place. Just my $.02, CHEERS!!! :cool:
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From your photo it looks to me as though only four rollers total are supporting the hull and the area of contact is not greatly resistant to deformation.