Boat please!

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The boat deal I had going has collasped because some bum got to Pt.Abino before me! So any one have a boat?


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Hi, Seth,

As you know, I replied to the private version of this earlier, also privately, but I think there is also a benefit to publicly post this. So:

Contact all your local clubs and Laser fleets. (You have 10-11 in Toronto area!)

In general, people don't even advertise to sell their Lasers!

Look at it this way:

There are probably 50,000 plus Lasers in North America.
Maybe 20,000 of them regularly sail.
Only 3000 are ILCA NA members.
Only 750 subscribe to the Mailing List.
And only 250 of them are on the Forum.

So, ads on the Forum, Mailing List etc. will not make use of all your opportunities.

In my fleet (Philadelphia), there are 3 boats for sale! NONE of them are advertised anywhere.

So... Call the clubs/fleet captains. Local calls for you!

Also, make sure to check the Vanguard's (the NA Builder's) site:
Select "Laser", and then select "Used Boats". Laser owners in North America may have never heard of the "Laser Mailing List" etc., but they sure know what "Vanguard" is.

Shevy Gunter
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