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Boat / Mast setup and tuning- Ullman


Ullman Sailmakers' Tuning guide for J/24s. From about 2010.

All information here regarding setup of the mast is what was developed by top sailors over about the first 10-15 years of the class, and is what is needed to minimize the natural lee helm by raking the sailplan (and center of effort) back as much as possible within the rules of the class. This is the information in the guide up to the part about Rig Tension. Rig tension might vary between sail designs, but at that time virtually all sailmakers were making similar designs and the appropriate rig tensions were pretty much the same across sail brands. I'm sure that the setup information, excepting perhaps mast butt position (specific to mainsail luff curve) is still the same and applicable.

There are other guides from North, Quantum and others, and I'll try to post what I have. Their mast setup information is virtually identical.