Boat lift for Capri 14.2 mod 2

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Can anyone recommend a boat lift for the Capri 14.2? I would like to keep my boat at the boat house and ready to sail. I have looked at options on the web. They are all very expensive. Would appreciate some ideas. Best regards, Joe.
Just want to lift the hull out of the water to reduce staining and growth on hull.
Good reason for concern there, I am on a river where the water is quite the tea colour from vegetation and it does adhere to the hull. My only solution so far is hauling it out each time which is ok for me since I don't get out too often, but I get your point, it would certainly be nice to just get it in a sling and lift it a foot or so out of the water, as well, it would save it from getting beaten by wake from passing boats. I will probably end up making my own unless I can find a used system.

Here is a clever DIY system:
and part 2 :