Boat Identification numbers

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Hi. Just need to know what boat i have. I its a Capri, not Catalina, OMEGA, with the omega on the main sail. The hull identification has a Plate listing Capri as the Builder. in California, forgot which city, think same address as Catalina.

The PLATE has 2 stamped numbers. Model Number, Serial Number.
I believe I have one of the first Capri 14's built and the made a mistake when they stamped the plate.

Mine says: Model Number 0-14 / Serial Number 1000/.

I believe this is Model 1000 and Serial #14, i.e, the 14th boat off the original line for the Capri 14.
Would you other folks concur with this belief.


Sailing on Shelter Bay
Odd that no one has answered. You can call or write Catalina, they are helpful and friendly in such matters. If you take a picture o you boat that would help too. Does it have an enclosed foredeck inf ront of the mast?
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Yes, the boat has enclosed foredeck with a small hatch directly in front of the mast. the mast attaches to a bracket
on the cockpit sole, not like the newer versions. The hatch is in the TOP of the foredeck, not into the side. It flips up and provides a small storage compartment.
I was really just curious about the numbers and don't really care much.

If i find some time in the next couple of days, i will try to upload some pictures of the boat. i recently installed a fiberglass centerboard obtained from a posting on this site to replace the original mahogany one that had deteriorated from outdoor storage. I also added 2 outboard mounts to the stern, putting mahogany plywood plates on the transom (i don't like externally mounted "outboard mounts", as the put the motor to far astern and impede the rudder). I found the outboard will sit about at minimum depth for propulsion and water intake. It also makes shallow drive possible without "tilting" the motor. i liked the idea. i live in Florida where shoal waters are a regular part of any trip(at least where i dare to go).

in the process of manufacturing a mastfoot fitting to marry the mast with the floor plate. i am going to use aluminum.
the previous owner had made something from wood, but it was lost when i got the boat.