Boards, Radial rigs/sails/ some parts

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Time to clean the garage out. I have boards, radial bottoms, a boom or two and radialsails and misc small parts, especially if you want older parts, like from the 80's.

Please click my name and email your needs/desires, do not just reply on here. Specify the age/condition/price range that you prefer.

No, nothing will be cheap/free/or donated to your great cause/olympic campaign etc. Just good quality stuff from an experienced Laser guy.

No CF tillers, or cheap upgrade kits/vangs avail. Lots of old vangs, etc.

I need an Alum tiller if you have one to trade.
Hi, I am next door in NH. I need a radial lower mast, as i sent this with the Pro rig Laser sold for my son. I goofed and let the radial go with the boat, and was not supposed to. He needed it for the newer Laser he bought. Miscommunication on my part. His new laser only came in full rig but he weighs 145lbs. and is upset I let both rigs go in the sale of his former laser. I found him a radial from the kid at Midlburry College that I sold my original first 1974 to. I just need th lower mast now. Do you have two? as I am now 50 and down to 163lbs, and can hardly hold my full rig down hiking as best I can, jut like at 14 when I first bought the 74'. We have one new Intensity,an original tri color, and a well used in radials. Might you have a crisp class one for my son to race ILCU events? besides th lower radial mast sections also? Steve Sr. (603)622-5129 or
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I still have used but good Radials, and boards. All legal. Brand new blade and centerboard also. Email your needs please.
I have been offered a Laser hull in decent shape, with all of the blocks and fittings that attach to it, but no mast, sail, boom, tiller, or boards. I'm in North Carolina, so shipping a mast might be impractical. Could you put together a package of the other stuff I need that you have for sale? I'm not looking for charity, but would need to buy the cheapest decent parts I can find.

Regarding a sail: I have sailed a Force 5, Tasar, and Vanguard V15. I am 6'5" / 235 lbs., but I'm sixty years old and need to be realistic about things at this point. Would I be wise to step down to a Radial sail, to manage a Laser in heavy air, or do you think I'd be ok with a full Laser rig?

Thanks for any information and advice you can provide.
I'm Interested in a Radial bottom mast. If you have one, please contact me at:
howe_family@ (I put some spaces after the @ so that spam engines hopefully won't send me more junk). Thank you. :)
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