Blue Strikes Back #4269 looking for a new home

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"My master won't race me so i need a new home," said Blue Strikes Back.

I have a 1984 J-24 #4269 in decent shape that i need to sell. Her name is Blue Strikes Back, give me a call if you are interested. I will sell for a reasonable price with a set of sales. She is at Eastport Yacht Club. Has a trailer. She and the trailer are sold as is, which is decent shape. Give a call to discuss details. under $5,000.00

Harry Benson 631 903-5189
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Boat is at EYC in Annapolis Maryland
Boat has one used set of sails jib, Genoa , main, spinnaker, a gin pole, all rigging and some other stuff ready to race. No tick tack.
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Send me your email and I'll send you a photo

It was weighed and measured for 2009 worlds

Keel was fared at Waterlines

Deck was redone and painted last year

Issues? It's and old boat but with tlc will continue to race.

Trailer works

Better hurry, I have someone interested.
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Any recent photos?
Last time weighed?
Keel faired?
Soft spots?
Known issues?

She is a 1986 J24 in decent shape, sail #4269. Trailer in OK shape but needs a little work

Deck and ForePeak recently repaired

Keel was fared at Waterline in 96

She has been very competitive over the years racing with me in Long Island and then Annapolis.

Measured in like 2009 last for worlds

She is located at Eastport Yacht Club

Comes with all rigging. Two set of sails, spin pole, other stuff. No motor or tack tic. Seller is very motivated to sell. It is Sold as is.

Let me know if your interested in checking her out

Pictures to follow
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Note I have a blue tarp over the back of the boat when I took the inside pictures hence the blue tint.

I am looking for more pictures