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Blind Backing Question, What material to use?


I am learning and want to do a blind back patch on the chine.

So right on the corner where the hull bottom goes up the side. The hull bottom and the hull side is curved so any stiff materials will not bend without buckling. This will cause the form to push the glass up and out in the bend region.

I am toying with different ideas.

First is to drill holes for strings to go through the hull and allow me to pull the cardboard tight to the back of the area.

Second idea is to put a hole in the middle and use a stick to press the glass tight to the back side.

Third idea is to just do each end with no forms and just slide the glass in with my fingers.

I believe I want to do one or two layers of matt against the inside with roving on top.

Any thoughts?

This is my Practice hull so I am trying to do more complicated stuff cause thats a good way to learn.


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What I've suggested before is to make a fiberglass patch that you can epoxy to the inside.

Tape a piece of plastic film near the damaged chine area. Lay your fiberglass material on it. Wet it with epoxy/polyester (fast-set mix is OK here). Make four layers at one time. When it's set, drill a hole in the center for a wire. Trim it so it can be coaxed into the damaged area. Add matt, wet it, and pull into place. After it's set, layer-up the difference between patch and hull. Finish.

(I use a belt-sander to "approximate" the new surface).