BigFish (A larger Sunfish clone) for sale

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Big Fish, 2006 $4000

The BigFish is 16 1/2 foot long and with a 5 ft maximum beam. It is essentially a larger version of the Sunfish or Phantom and weighs about 260 pounds.

The BigFish is designed to be sailed with two or more people, although one person can handle it in light winds. For stronger winds, you should have two people. The boat is very fast and I have clocked it at 8 mph with my GPS in srong winds. The boat has 32 pool noodles inside the hull to provide positive flotation.

The boat comes with a trailer and a boat cover. It has one large watertight compartment to store food and drinks, as well two smaller watertight compartments for wallets or keys.

There are some slight scratches in the gelcoat and some small spots of rust on the trailer.

The boat was bought new in 2006.

If the boat tips over, it can be self righted and quickly bailed out. I know this, because I have done it.

I am selling because I getting a smaller boat that is designed for one person.

Contact me for additional questions or look at pictures of my boat at this site:

The boat is currently at Harvey's Lake, PA, but will be moved to Mountaintop, PA in early September.

Email David at
or phone 570-430-8513
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260 pounds is not a typo. The company says it is 240 pounds and I added 32 pool noodles for positive flotation so I am guessing 260 pounds. Of course it might be more like 250 pounds. This is a Sun Fish on steroids and is a big boat. Two people are very comfortable on this boat. It has a 5 foot maximum beam and a large sail area of 114 square feet. With two people I can sail in pretty much any wind condition. With just myself, I would get over-powered in the high winds because at my age-58-I just cannot hike out like I used to.
This is a boat that you would launch from a trailer or from a hoist. i do have the straps for using on a hoist. Do not plan on carrying this boat to the water. I have set up a reefing system (to reduce sail area), but you must reef on land before you go. You cannot reef on the water.
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