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The site was long over due for a hardware/OS/software update and its mostly complete! For those of you interested here's what's new:
  • New VPS, with additional dedicated Ram
  • Fresh OS install with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Now serving all content via HTTPS (signed by LetsEncrypt.org)
  • Updated to Xenforo Forum software version 2.0
  • New theme with cleaner branding (some of this is still in progress)
  • Improved access on mobile devices
  • Improved filtering in Classified Ads
  • Ability to change your own user name or deactivate your account (previously required an email)
  • Register / Login with Google, Microsoft, or Facebook.
Still to come:
Some of the sections utilized plugins that are no longer available for version 2.0 of the forum software. Similar functionality will be returning in the next few days.

Let me know if you run into any issues!
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While I see your name frequently listed as on-line, would you kindly abbreviate my screen name to L&VW? I requested a similar change elsewhere after a major law-error got resolved—and now NOAA has changed their robotic "speaker".

My "credits" didn't change at the other site: should they change here, please disregard this request.

Thank you,




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'Tried it, and it shows,

"You cannot change your user-name at this time."

Would you try a manual change?

It's the many "Likes" I don't want to lose.