Beyond the corner of the stern?


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Was reading an old thread about pinching and footing. One if the comments was that top racers recommend "not pulling the sail in beyond the corner of the stern." I've tried searching the forums and online generally for more information but haven't been able to find anything. Any idea what exactly this means? Is the idea to not sheet in so far that the sail is over the boat itself? Thanks!
Yes, it's exactly what Beldar said. I use the rear boom pulley over the traveler eye as my inside limit. If it feels like I need to sheet more to point, I bear off a few degrees instead. Sheeting more from there adds more power to the sail, but it's ALL sideways force, so you hike hard but sail slower.
This is a bigger issue for those of us who race Lasers as well. On a Laser or a race boat with a Jib, you can sheet nearly block to block with 200 lbs of force on the vang and it will continue up wind. A Sunfish has it's own limit.
I do use the same setting for Port tack, but I let out another 5~8 degrees rounding the marks or tacking to downshift for more power out of the hole and pull it back in once I reach hull speed. Obviously Starboard is more efficient, but we are all dealing with the same limits in a one design race, except for the people who are 40 lbs lighter than me ;)
(I'm running a swivel cleat on my Sunfish because it came with one. With a ratchet block on my Laser, I'm not nearly as accurate with settings).


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Pinching has been my Sunfish curse. I've been able to hang with a J22 for instance...but then it can lose me pointing 20 degrees higher and still move. That's a huge difference. Beam reach and below with good wind, I'm feeling ok with my "camp" boat


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any boat you can oversheet. "when in doubt, let it out"... as the old saying goes. My Puffer and Sunfishes don't point at all. It's "faster" to go farther.