Beware of moving parts

Mama H Chicago

Mother of sailboats
Especially when wearing headphones and a mask with a relatively quiet Dewalt grinder hooked up to a dust extractor far away…

Knees don’t like to be sanded with 220 grit :-(

Going to have to dramatically increase my knowledge and use of clamps, not my knees!
My mother used to tell me that if you don't skin your knees every now and then, you're not trying hard enough.

Alan Glos
Love it. After I announced to my kids that I’m pouting, I’m selling all my boats, and I never want to work on another one ever again, my eldest replied: you just never want to sand your knees again, Mom ;-)

Smart kids. But I’m still going to have a Sunday afternoon glass of rose and moan and groan a bit while the hydrogen peroxide and bacitracin do their job!