Best way to put on sail numbers?

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Hey guys, me again!
I ordered new sail numbers, and in my past experiences, I always get wrinkles on the 8's. Do you guys have tips on how to make things pretty?! My number is 188142, and im also putting on country letters at the bottom. Thanks guys :D
The best thing to do is get a sheet of the measurements.... I can't remember where from...
  • Draw lines (IN PENCIL!) where the edges (left, right, top and bottom) are going to be... (Don't worry they wash/rub off)
  • Line up each number with the bottom line
  • When each number is lined up with the bottom line, create a stencil from paper of the width between the numbers
  • Use this stencil to keep the numbers parallel. (And the same distance apart)
The method for stopping the numbers becoming wrinkled:

  • Peel off a corner of each of the numbers: 8, 4, 2 and make sure it will slide along the sail rather than stick back onto the number
  • Make sure you hold it parallel to the previous number.
  • Use a ruler to slide the backing off.
There you go... Should be alright!
These rules and instructions may be useful:
Usually adhesive signs are applied after first wetting the surface with a detergent, such as window cleaner. This allows the number ot move around, re-positioned, and bubbles to be pressed out.
However I recently applied a set of sail numbers dry:
For an "8", have in face down on the sail and peel back the backing from the top, about 20mm. Without touching the sticker letter, fold the backing hard back.
Turn the letter over, face up and position the number on the sail. When you are sure it is in the right place, then press down on the top of the 8, where the backing is peeled back.
Lay a plastic ruler on this stuck, top part of the number. Pressing firmly, slide this ruler downwards so this it presses the sticky letter to the sail, and forces the backing paper to roll off as you go down.

Removing old numbers: I rip them off by hand first, which leaves some patches of gum on the sail. Soak a rag in Mineral Turpentine, and rub this onto the gum. Use a plastic card (eg; expired credit card /membership card) to then scrape off the gum. Be warned that the turps will go straight through the sail cloth onto whatever you have laid the sail on.
it helps to have something that you can press the numbers/letters down as you go to make sure there aren't any air bubbles, also make sure you have the sail spread out on a flat clean surface


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This saved me, also just take your time with it. What I do with a complex number is that I peel the backing just a tad, then stick the exposed part on the area of the sail you want it, then one hand on the backing and the other on the number (side on the sail), slowly pull the backing away and the other hand flatting the number. You can take a straight edge object and run that across to remove creases too.