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Best way to attach dry bag/bring snacks and sunscreen


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I got a Laser a couple of months ago, and my current system for bringing my phone, snacks, and sunscreen isn't working. I discovered quickly that using some spare line to tie everything to the hiking strap was a horrible idea. I'm wondering if anyone has creative strategies for keeping stuff out of the way. I'm not looking for something for racing, just for sailing on a daily basis. I've seen some people recommend tying a dry bag to the hiking straps or mast. Ideally I'd want something that provided easy access, yet was secure enough that I wouldn't have to worry every capsize. Thanks in advance for any ideas!


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I don't have an inspection port, and I don't know if I should add one. I don't have any cracks or leaks. Is there any reason other than stuff storage that I would need an inspection port?

Jason Rucker

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I don't have an inspection port, and I don't know if I should add one. I don't have any cracks or leaks. Is there any reason other than stuff storage that I would need an inspection port?
If you are not racing then maybe a Velcro mounted dry bag at the back of the cockpit or on the slope next to the center board. I wouldn’t add a port just for that reason.


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Agree that adding a port just to store stuff is not recommended.
I use a dry bag that is tied around the mast. If an item like a phone isn't waterproof, double bag it.
Many tie a water bottle to the rear of the cockpit with elastic. There must be an image somewhere to show the details.

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Although I sail Hobies and sunfish the idea is the same: I fasten a dry bag to the mast for some items but for the cell phone I keep it in a drylock bag attached to my lifejacket and in the pocket. That way its always on me. The one time i really needed it, it was right there to call for assistance.

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My best friend had some waterproof bags he used for an interisland paddleboard race in Hawaii (Molokai to Oahu, I think, 32 miles across the channel), and he gave those bags to me afterward... one was clear and one was red in color. I'd use one or both on long voyages, either one would clip around the mast in seconds, and a bungee cord round the lower end helped keep it secure (just mind the downhaul, don't wanna bungee that). :confused:

I know they make these bags in various sizes, you might look into buying one... oh, yeah, he also gave me a small waterproof case designed for cell phone, keys, etc., and I would clip that to my bow line, which ran aft on deck, the bitter end secured in the cockpit for easy access. No bow line trailing in the water that way... a simple overhand loop or butterfly knot in the line (near the daggerboard) would let that case ride a little higher, in case I shipped water in the cockpit. :rolleyes:

As for snacks, beverages, sunscreen, etc., try a soft-sided cooler, and store the food in appropriately-sized Tupperware containers. Soft coolers are great for sailing, no knocking knees or ankles on a hard cooler, LOL. Storing sunscreen with your drinks on ice won't hurt it, cool lotion actually feels better when the sun is beating down... I'd apply sunscreen before launching, then toss the bottle into the cooler with my beer. Sandwiches and snacks in protective containers on ice. :cool:

P.S. Small carabiners work great for clipping things to strategic points, try to find alloy ones that won't corrode as fast, and rinse 'em after saltwater use. Also, you might look into waterproof bags & gear made for kayakers & rafting folks, many of those products are perfectly suited to Laser sailing... I think my friend may have bought those waterproof bags from some kayaking or canoeing outfitter, I can't remember what he told me, it has been too long and I suffer from CRS. ;)
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I did a 25 mile day sail along with a few Hobie Waves. We stopped at two locations for breaks. I had one bottle of water on the back of my hiking strap and a small "backpack" cooler strapped to the front of the boat that held 4 beers, an extra water bottle, cell phone and some other odds and ends. It worked great! I strapped it to the mast with a bungee chord and then to the bow eye with a bungee chord and then one bungee chord across the top and the hooks connected to each gunnel/rail. Even survived 2 capsizes and a full turtling.