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Best Way To Attach Carpet To Wooden Bunks?


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I'm replacing two wooden bunks near the stern of my Sunfish trailer. They are 2 by 4s and I'm going to cover them with some discarded carpet I got from a carpet store.

Any ideas on the best way to attach the carpet to my new 2 by 4 bunks? Glue? Screws? Staples?


- Andy

Alan Glos

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I tend to use galvanized sheet rock screws and 3/4" washers to get a better grip on the thick carpeting. The carpet will last 2-3 years depending on exposure to the elements.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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Glue is OK, maybe contact cement? It'll hold the carpeting in place, but will release when pulled away.

Around saltwater, I'd use ¼" Stainless Steel Nylock nuts, bolts, and washers.


1) They could only fall off (and lost) when the carpeting and 2x4 is nearly disintegrated.
2) They're easily reusable when new carpeting is installed.
3) They won't rust away like staples do.
4) They don't pose a risk to your driveway—or the highway—as they fall away like nails will.

'Course, I cartop my Sunfish, so this is just my humble opinion. :rolleyes: