Best type of rope for control lines

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Did a quick search but didn't see anything, might I stress quick!!

I've decided to entirely re rope the boat, i'd say the rope on the controls are easily the originals that it came with in 2002!!

1) is there any saving to be made (from anyones experiance) from going into a marine store and picking out what ever ropes pick my fancy for the particular lines needed than simply ringing my local laser stockist and getting a gxd/xd rope pack?

2) is there any regulations for what rope im allowed use for the various control lines? Thickness/type of rope? Or can I just use what ever is best for my hands??

Cheers in advance for any help
Even the lines that come with the XD kit are terrible.

I prefer Swiftcord and D12 (vang). I'm sure others have their preferences, as well. I also prefer to be very thin.
I just replaced all my control lines. I had swiftcord but switched to Paraloc to try somthing new. I just went sailing with it for the first time today, I have paraloc marlin on my vang and paraloc shark on the cunningham and outhaul. I like the marlin line better because it is more flexible, the shark line doesnt' run as well as the marlin. The swiftcord was good and ran nicely but it wasn't stiff enough for my liking it never really felt solid. The paraloc is really hard to kink also, like if you tried you might be able to get it to kink. I use 14 feet for each control line at 4mm. For secondaries use Sampson Am Steel 2mm or 3mm.
I got all three different colors of the maffioli line from intensity that they designate as control line length and they are still perfect after more than a year. Cheap too, i think it was less than 20 dollars to re-rope the whole thing (but not including the D-12, i just kept the old stuff... so it might run more, but still not over 30 dollars)
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Perfect, cheers for all the input :D

Wont bother with the laser stuff then I'll just order line off the interent to replace.
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6, 4 or 3mm Vectran for the lines? Laser sell 6mm with the outhaul and 4mm with the rest, but I was gonna buy 3mm for all 3 before I read that? I presume the 3mm is strong enough...

Why is there so much choice :rolleyes: lol
Here is a listing about the length* and the diameter for the lines of a Laser:

You need to have smaller diameters (such as 4 mm or 3 mm) for several ropes to reduce the friction in the control systems. For all lines that go through cleats it is better not to have lower than 4 mm (5/32") to secure that the rope holds in the cleat.


(*: 1 ft = 1' = 0,3048 meter)
4mm for everything... interesting! Thats a handy website, thanks for that
For what at that link they say "...Cascade" you may take diameter 3mm (1/8") "SAMSON SPECTRON 12". This rope is identicall to the rope for the cascade that usually comes with the Harken Power Vang Kit.
Reason: This 3mm rope reduces the friction in the control systems optimal.
For the traveller you may take diameter 5mm (3/16") "VECTRAN" rope.