Best spray on / spray off deck cleaner for sailboats

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What's the most effective spray on / spray off deck cleaner for sailboats? Possibly something sold as an RV cleaner. Up til now I've been pressure washing a couple times a year but wagging that thing down to the dock has become a real pain. Plus I'm learning it's probably a little too harsh for the boat as well.

I used the Purple Power spray that is available at most auto parts stores. You just spray it on, let it sit for a while, and then wipe it and the dirt / grime off. Works great.
Used mostly as a Jet ski bilge cleaner...

That stuff is made for cleaning fiberglass/gelcoat without harming it, cutting grease and not needing the use of a scrub brush.

It took one filthy Kawa Jetmate from grimy gray to sparking white in under an hour for me by spray-on (I put it in old Windex bottle) wait... spray again... wait... hose off.

and its bio-degradable

Note... I never applied it to wood.....