Best slogan wins a Laser Clew Strap

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Need a company slogan +a Laser class catch phrase.

Best one overall gets a free Laser Clew Strap.

this is all I got:

Laser Class

  • Four out of Five Doctors Recommend Laser Sailing
  • "How stiff is yours?" -the Laser Class

West Coast Slogan
  • Making Small Boat Sailing a Big Deal in the Northwest <-- current
  • "It's best when it's West. ||" (yes yes yes, let's hear better ones!)
best one wins the clew strap, let's see 'em :D
WestCoast Sailing: Making Small Boat Sailing Great

To sail a Laser or not to sail, that is the question - the Laser Class
I sail a Laser, therefore I am - the Laser Class
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haha, thanks guys.

Glen, lol, good stuff
Georg: To sail a Laser or not to sail, that is the question - the Laser Class

that's good stuff
Eric, thanks keep up the posting on the site here :) You posting reminded me I should have called John a while ago but never did. haha

Keep 'em coming gang!
Another round of inspiration:

Go west my friend, go west!

A variation on my previous slogan:
WestCoast Sailing: Great in Small Boat Sailing

Warning: Sailing a Laser is highly addictive

Laser: Join the gang of 180.000

Laser: Why crew on a big boat if you can sail your own yacht?

14 feet of excitement: the Laser

Reaching,for all the deals at WestCoast Sailing.

WestCoast Sailing. Beating the compatiton.

Beat a course to WestCoast Sailing

WestCoast Sailing .Running with leaders.

Beam over to WestCoast for best price's

(Laser's beaming with pleasure)

(Reach for a Laser)
All points lead to WestCoast for Sails & Service.
Set your Sails to WestCoast the ultimate in Sail's & Service.
Your best course is WestCoast for Sail's & Service.

Need Some Speed.
When you need a Jolt.
Sail a Laser* = Laser*
Ex.cite'ment = Laser*
Let it Blow.
Thats all I got hope you liked them. Stanley
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Thanks to everyone for helping out, lots of creative suggestions, so I'm going to pick TWO winners.

Both will get a freeClew Strap from the shop.

#1 Let it Blow! (Stanley - waterdown)

#2 I sail a Laser, therefore I am (Georg W.F)

Thanks guys, check your PMs