Best Place To Live In The Us This Summer For Laser Sailing?


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I can live anywhere in the U.S. except New York, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Illinois, Arkansas, Connecticut, or Hawaii (for tax reasons - I can still travel to those states to race, I just can't open my laptop and do any work while I'm there).

So if you wanted to sail and race as much as possible this summer, where would you go?

Thanks for any advice.
Some good choices are California, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, I've heard there is some good sailing on the great lakes, also in Minnesota

I would check the district sites and see whats going on in the area you're planning on moving


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Definitely check out district websites. I think you would find the most concentration of events in New England or the Chesapeake. They've got to cram a year's worth of sailing fun in between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Come to Minnesota. On lake Minnetonka there are at least 2 Laser races a week and if you are willing to travel around the cities I think you can race every night of the week. The water is still pretty chilly but there are some pick up races on the weekend already and weeknight races start at the end of April. If you are into big boat sailing we have plenty of that too.


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In the summer there's a regatta almost every weekend on the Chesapeake Bay (District 11). However (!), it typically isn't very windy in the summer. Hence, if I had the option, I would be sailing on SF Bay and tangle with SFBay Laser (Tracy).
Just dreaming, because he would be (way) ahead of me a few minutes after the start....
I would recommend somewhere on the Chesapeake Bay particularly in the north part of the District 11. There are several clubs that do week-night racing, others that do weekly weekend day racing. Then there are the weekend regattas scattered around the bay. Combine that with easily reachable travel events and you could easily sail at least 2-3 days a week from May through October.

For travel events it's easy to get anywhere in the District in about 3 hours. VA/MD is also very convenient <4 hr drive to District 10 PA/NJ and part of District 12 (NC/SC). In a day's drive you can get to District 9 (upstate NY), District 8 (long island), District 18 (Ohio) and the rest of District 12, etc. District 13 (Florida) and District 7 (New England) are also reachable with just a little more driving on 95.

With that being said District 11 has a lot of great sailing and is convenient to even more sailing meaning you could sail Lasers every single week with out-of-club competition.


(full disclosure: I'm the District 11 Secretary and I'm extremely biased toward D11)


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If you can't live in North Carolina, then you might as well give up Laser sailing completely.

However, if it's already in your blood, then I have to agree with 154537.. get yourself to SFB and enjoy good sailing, great scenery, great weather year round, great food, quick trips to ski, wonderful fishing, high tech environment, great schools, nice people, trolleys, hills, culture, history, and your own prison right in the bay. If I could live anywhere in the country, and there was no family attraction, then it'd be SFB .. or North Carolina.. (c:
Massachusetts. I believe the Hyannis Yacht Club 69th Annual Regatta had just under 30 Lasers last July. The 70th Annual HYC Regatta will take place July 27-29 this year. The weekend before is the 26th Annual Lipton Cup Regatta in Quincy, MA. That's just over an hour drive from Hyannis (Cape Cod). The Cape is a great place to sail, and the water is relatively warm for swimming afterward.
You have a very good point, but I'll take the cold water and wind instead of floating around a hot NJ summer (waiting for the seabreeze to fill) while getting eat'in alive by green heads. Can't be any worse than frostbiting here. This is only if I win the lottery and can live anywhere as stated. Im not knocking District 10 or 11.