Best location of trailer bunks for a 'fish?

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Some years ago when I first got a Sunfish I read somewhere that the best locations for the two rear supporting bunks on a trailer are near the outer edges of the hull. A friend of mine recently was told by a sail boat shop where she bought a trailer that the bunks should be centered on each side between the keel and the outer edge of the hull. Any opinions on which is better and why?

Do a search of this forum for "trailer" and you will have about 8 or 9 entries to check, many with some valuable tips on trailering. At the moment, I roof top, but have trailered. Many sailors haul their fish deck down to protect the hull bottom. Page 33 in the SF Bible starts a talk on transportation of your SF, pg 253 talks about roof topping with hints. Another Sunfish sailor added a second set of bunks forward near the mast step, I forget where I saw the photo. Make your bunks as large as you feel practical, 2x6's instead of 2x4's (the larger the better to spread the pressure over a larger area). A fully supported hull would be best but not really practical. Good Luck.