Best Life Jacket?

I personally love the Lotus Lola. It is a great life jacket, and fits very well due to the 7 points of adjustment on it. One on each shoulder, two on each side, and one for the neoprene part at the bottom to keep it from riding up. I used to have the extrasport pullover, which I didn't like because it was a pain for me to put on and take off, and it got hot, because you couldn't unzip it to cool off. I solved the problem of the shoulder straps getting caught with a little black electric tape, its hardly even noticable. You can get the Lola from APS for about 100 dollars.

Lola at APS
i would have to put in my two cents on just about any SALUS lifejacket. It is a one man company, located in Kitchener on Duke Street. There is the website to look at the different kinds. I wear the Kiwi, but the most popular is the Abacus. They are both comfortable. The abacus has a side zipper and the kiwi has a front zipper.
Without a doubt, the Salus Abacus is the most comfortable, least restricting and best made one out there. Cheapest I've seen is at sells for $99US. The Salus Kiwi is perfered by women where as guys would be the Abacus
hey Steven,
Where is there a Binnacle in canada? or is it just a US store? I dont mind having to order things if its cheaper. Saves me a trip to Toronto to Fogh Marine.(which i have gone there 4 times in one week at an 1 1/2 hours away)