Best kind of cockpit trim?


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The trim is not structural for bonding the tube to deck but does stiffen
the over-hang for things such as grabbing the lip when getting out of
of the water or transporting/moving the boat. Does it stiffen the deck
when you sit on it? Most of the damage is transporting and storing
so that would be my guess has to how it broke. Is the deck around
the cockpit have spider-web cracks?
While it's not the boat in question, my ex-racer's cockpit is surrounded by a hopeless number of spider cracks :( but the cockpit trim is in good shape. :confused: (The ex-racer is my #1 Sunfish—#2, ready to sail, is in excellent condition).

I'm a few weeks from viewing Sunfish #3 (with #4 & #5 standing by) which got the cockpit trim replaced. (Thanks to Alan Glos :) ). When I get there, you'll get a full report. :cool:

Does it stiffen the deck? I think, if you removed all the pop-rivets on the aluminum cockpit trim—and sat on the "unstiffened" deck—I'll bet the trim will pop right off.

Riveting (but especially gluing) permits the trim to become a structural part of the deck. It especially helps against strain at the fiberglass margins. IMHO.


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I tried it! ...Unfortunately neither Craigslist nor Sunfish ever really caught on over here :^( The other source you mentioned isn't willing to ship outside the US. Thanks for all the advice guys. lots to think about. I am going to do a bit of experimental trim-bending with the old stuff I am taking off. Depending how that goes I may decide on vinyl for the cockpit after all.
1) You may find that stretching the old aluminum trim a little might make it bend easier. (That works with silver wire, anyway).

2) Having just made my best case for using aluminum trim, I just stumbled on some inexpensive vinyl "protection"—in three colors. Even if the supplied adhesive doesn't work out, the vinyl can be saved for a better adhesive later. Between .6 to .8 cm in thickness, each kit offered is less than US$10:

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