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Hello all-
I'm looking for opinions on Capri 14.2 storage covers. I know I want a breathable cover with tie downs that will quickly secure to my trailer frame. Sunbrella would be nice. I see the custom covers are a lot of $$$ and... I don't think their thought out!
My other concern is snow weight. After this last winter I'm not so sure the "custom" fit covers are a good choice because 24" of snow weighs a real lot! A tent type set up would most likely be the best! Any ideas on who makes a good (semi custom) tent cover for the Capri 14.2 that is fairly affordable?

Gary (PA)

you are gloing to spend a lot of money for a Sunbrella cover. I live in southern NY and cover mine with a 16 X 20 plastic cover that I got from Harbor Freight Tools. It is silver, easily twice the weight of the blue plastic cover. I use the boom as the center beam, and I made a mast crutches front and rear that hold the mast level a minimum of 4 ft above the height of the foredeck (or about 5 ft off the main floor, high enough to almost walk under). I lace the front and rear openings closed, but they are still somewhat open to air flow. I removed the cover a week ago to move the boat into the garage , but it shed all the snow we had this winter, with no build up! The more height & pitch you can give the tent, the better its ability to shed the snow.
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Cover reply

Thanks liketoboat- good response! Sounds like a pretty inexpensive method with the plastic cover. I'm not wanting to keep my mast set up though. I do appreciate your response. Happy sailing this season!
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You don't have to use the mast itself. On my 23' power boat I use 10- ft sections of inexpensive 1 inch EMT tubing from Home Depot. They are coupled together to make a single 30 ft long single beam. I use 2 x4's as uprights ( A frames ) about - 5 ft under the EMT to keep it straight and rigid. Been using the same pieces since '99 with no problems or issues. Again, as long as you have enough height and pitch, there is not that much stress on the parts or the covers. I'm on my second plastic cover in 12 years.