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Hello, I just joined and I have a pressing question.

I am looking for a dinghy that can be sailed single handed or with one crew. I'm a little rusty but I do know my way around sail boats. I live near inland water (Lake Ontario and a lot of smaller lakes). But the main reason I'm looking for a boat is that I have a family that are also interested in, but not committed to sailing, except of course, me.

So I guess the question is what make of dinghy should I be looking at?
I can't recommend a specific boat but I can provide something to think about. I always recommend that students consider selecting a sloop. While there are a number of sailboats the sloop offers the opportunity to build skills that are directly transferable to larger vessels. If your sailing skills on a small sloop are developed to perfection all of those skills can be easily transferred to a larger sloop like a 22, 30, 40, etc. Yep it will take a little getting use to but all sloops share the same sailing skills and I suspect there are more sloops than any other sailboats. If you have rusty sailing skills you should quickly get back in the grove. However, what about the remainder of your "inexperienced" family members? If they gain experience on a small sloop they will be ready to easily move to a larger sailboat when the time comes and isn't what we all have in the back of our minds? Sailing from island to island with our "interested" and skilled family members, spending the day crashing through the waves at breakneck speeds, sipping an adult beverage at the end of the day while watching the sunset, in short - enjoying life to the fullest...

Thank about it!