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Best affordable boat for semi-offshore cruising and (semi-liveaboard)


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Hey there,
I am brand new to the forum; I came here for some input on a good boat around 40K or under that is around 30-40 feet. I really like mk2 Catalina 30s; however, there is a lot of controversy on how seaworthy they are when it's really blowin' with heavy seas. Anyway, I like how the Catalina 30 has a really nice down below that can sleep plenty of people if need be and is comfortable. However, I do not like how the water tank is tiny along with the diesel tank. I also like the cabo rica 38 but the down below seems very limiting in size and they can be kinda out of my price range. What I am looking for is a boat that is seaworthy enough to sail the Carribean, cheap, and has a down below that is comfortable to sleep in with guest. I am open to all suggestions give me some ideas!


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Lots of European boats are completely safe for Ocean crossing. It's quite a thing here: leaving for one, two years or forever. A bunch of my fellow sailing instructors have been sailing across the ocean (one couple with 3 kids) and the other couple + cat is currently sailing the Atlantic. However, they're now in Nova Scotia for the winter. They're sailing with a Dutch-built Contest 39. These are not too expensive over here.

The couple with the kids took an all alloy boat, an Ovni 435. Rather unusual boat in these waters in Europe.

In short: the boats will be okay, it's the crew and the preparation that make the difference.