Become a Regognized Fleet?

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OK. I did get a reply from Sherri. Sounds like being an "official" recognized fleet like "Fleet number - - -" is nothing anyone really strives for these days and the thing to do is just be on your District secretary's e-mail list, (which we are) and have your designated fleet captain info in the hands of your district secretary, (which we have one and he is). To bad in a way. I think it would be neat to put on your club web site, "Home of Laser Fleet - - -". By the way our fleet growth has come from a simple little thing. People seeing folks out in a Laser with a couple of other boats to sail against all the time. Kinda like peer pressure I guess. They used to sail Force 5's around here, but have flipped to the laser, (thank God). We have not had any interaction with the class while doing this until we recently picked up a District event to host in the Fall and our district secretary has been a great contact. We're very excited about it as it is a milestone for our laser group and the whole club. I guess we'll just keep going as we have been.

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I just had some wine and a little time to contemplate this issue. I remember back in the day when the laser sailor was a pretty large publication with all kinds of info. It used to have the districts published in the back along with all of the fleets in each district. As a matter of fact I used this mag to locate local fleets in 3 different states I lived in over the past 10 years. The internet was not such a common tool at the time, but it was nice to have all of the listings right in front of you.

Here's a class growth idea. Let's say you want to host a laser specific event at your club and get some play on the district web site and class web site. I think it would be a good idea for the hosting club or organizing body to be a recognized fleet with our governing body. Which means....there has to be at least 6 laser class members in your fleet. Whammo, your getting new class members. I am also a little bummed that there is no priority to promoting "fleets". I'm a grass roots kinda guy when it comes to growth. You work it from the bottom up as well as the top down. Right now we are in top down mode as a class. The roots don't start at the top of the tree. In the words of Dennis Miller, "That's just my opinion. I could be wrong."
We finally made it far enough into the griposphere for Tracy to chime in. Hemade a bunch of great points and I am happy to hear somebody is at least beginning to do something about fleet listings.


Isn't there always a BUT in my complimentary posts??

Yes BUT (again) this time I shall trash myself as well.

In the religion of Laser, fleets are like our local churches, and the sailors are the parishoners. Losing track of our fleets is about as absurdly stupid as it would be for some religious sect to forget where they had chuches. ( I was going to go with franchises and MacDonalds losing track of restaurants but this seemed better)

I don't buy the "Shevy had listings so we stopped" excuse.
1. I never stopped while I was secretary. I continued to spend time and update some fleet listings on the website at least once a week until I handed the website over to Bradley in the last week of my tenure.
There were hundreds of fleets and we NEVER really had all the listings fully up to date. (Neither did Shevy) I did send a quarterly newsletter to every fleet captain and once a year I contacted every fleet captain by first class mail..or the mail bounced with no foreward address. I asked the fleet captain to update the listing and most of them did.
You could also sign up a fleet ,listing from the newletter form or with the on line form. I received and posted a couple of those every week.
2. By the time James took pver and didn't bother to do the fleet listings for the classs site, Shevy was doing batle with the class management over his Nazi vs. NA LaserClass comparisons. We didn't even have a link on the site to Shevy's stuff.

I am glad we are finally going to begin taking care of our fleets again but the revision of history is just that.

The fleet listings died because we simply didn't do the work.