Beach Dolly Needed

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I am looking for a Seitech dolly for my 14.2. They are on back order from the manufacturer so I am going the used route. Also, has anyone used a Trailex dolly for their boat? If so how well do they work? Thanks
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Unfortunately I think that one is a little too light-weight for a Capri. The recommended model has dual center beams and that one only has one. Thanks
Excellent Tom. How much are you offering it for ? Do you have any pictures? Do you have the Fat tires? Is it Model 5-12068 which is the exact Seitech Model for the Cat 14.2?
I see you're located in NJ which is great because the Dolly will go to Hillsborough NJ.
PM with details or email me better at

All the best.
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The dolly is made by Trailex, not Seitech. It does have the larger Beach Wheels and works very well. Unfortunately it is not in NJ. It is on cape Cod. I am asking $400 If you are interested I can probably get it to NJ later this spring.
Very interested!

Tom, I checked this model - the Trailex SUT 300 - online and it looks neat. If its in a good condition (did u buy it new?) and works well with the C14 then I want it.
However, this is my situation. I just bought a C14 through a dealer in upstate NY. Boat is located in Connecticut and will be picked up in a weeks time by a friend who lives in Hillsborough NJ. My friend will then arrange for the boat to be loaded in a 20' container and shipped to me in Egypt. The idea is that the Dolly be shipped in the same container.
So all what you need to do is disassemble the dolly and pack it in a box and ship to Hillsborough NJ.
We need to figure out how much the shipment will cost. Of course you will receive your money first and this will be handled by my boat dealer in Celeron NY "Ready About Sailing" Greg Swan 716-499-4003 pls call him to verify all this info and to agree with him on transaction details and maybe he can give advise also about shipment. He deals with this all the time and he has my CC details.

I hope this works for you. Unfortunately Seitech has a 6 - 8 weeks waiting period and I have to ship the boat soon.

Please use my email better for future communication. If u don't mind.

Thanks Tom