battery placement?

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i am getting a trolling motor for my mod3 and was woundering if anyone has any suggestions on battery placement. hoping someone has a suggestion that would be clean and secure. i tend to make things overly complicated so any help would be appreciated. thanks-dave
Hello Humble,

I use a class 45 marine deep cycle battery I picked up at Wal Mart for less than $50. It has served me well and provides hours of power for my Minn Kota 35. I mounted it forward slightly to port inside the cubby. It is in a battery box I picked up at the same time. It came with a strap and some mounting hardware that seem to hold it secure.

I added a fuse and ran the wires under the starboard seat to a plug in the back. When it is time to go, I mount the motor and plug it in and go.
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battery placement

thanks for your thoughts. i never even thought of the cubby. is this on a keel model or centerboard model? thanks again for your time. -dave
I just posted my mount. I'm using the seavolt 32ah battery. It's much smaller and less run time but it's enough to get me back if I need it.