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Baton Rouge Sailors ?


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Anyone located around Baton Rouge to go sailing ? I went to False River yesterday. 10 to 15 kts. Very fast conditions, had a great time. This was about the 4th time the boats been in the water. I can see why they are so addictive. Later, Greg

Rob B

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I lived in Birmingham Alabama for several years. Whenever I wanted to sail in a class event I had to go East into GA, NC, SC. Closest FL action to you would be Tampa area. Southwest of you is Houston. There's some action there. I don't think New Orleans Lasers are active. You could always try to build a fleet.


I'm guessing there's some action in Louisiana. The Gulf Coast Championships are at Southern Yacht Club on May 19-20. The District 14 secretary lives in New Orleans. I went to www.laser.org and looked under districts. Follow the links to the district map and to find your secretary.
There is now an active laser fleet sailing out of the Fort Walton Yacht Club, Ft Walton Beach FL (fwyc.org - look under their portsmouth racing link)
--not that we are exactly close to Baton Rouge, but we are a lot closer than Tampa!!