Basic dinghy rigging/sailing, cmon help a newb out!

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I took my 74 Alcort puffer out for the first time (sailing and sailing this boat) the other day. I had a great time for a couple hours, then lost control and turtled her. I figured out a couple of things I need to get and learn.

Firstly oars and oar locks, Im trying to decide between synthetic or wood paddles, they start at about the same price any opinions on which is better for supplemental power of a craft like mine?

Secondly, bridles. The former owner gave me a steel cable with a clip on one end Im pretty sure she called it a bridle and said it was for stopping the boat. I think she said to anchor down the mainsheet to the deck with it... What I don't get after reading a bit and sailing is it would seem this would make the boat vulnerable to heeling. Esp since im pretty sure this is why I turtled my boat when she was idle (unexpected gust came along ... I may have had my sheet cleated idk its a blur...

I was trying to see if I could lift the boom and mainsheet and stow it to the mast with a similar bridle cable as it is on a gooseneck. I dont as of yet see how I can drop sail while on the water because the boom isnt in a fixed position. It attaches to the mainsail and rides in the "luff channel/groove" on the mast. I was wondering if this would make her center of gravity too high?? I dont see how I can row with the boom down plus I want to be able to eat, rest maybe even fish on the boat and will need to get that boom out of the way if possible, but only temporarily!