Barrington Regionals


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Hello everyone,

I'm a long time sunfish sailor, looking to see if anyone could provide guidance on where I could rent/charter a relatively race ready boat for the Barrington regional in June.

I'm coming from the Boston, I've sailed in regional and national level class events before. I do own a sunfish but it is in New Jersey for the summer and I have no means of getting it up here or storing it this year.


Hi Jon-
I suggest you post this question on the Sunfish Listserve group on Facebook. It is active with New England Sunfish folks. It would be great if you could make it!

Or shoot me an email at c hr is 1 wil liams 2 at yah o o dot com and I can connect you with one or two folks who may have a spare racing Sunfish they can bring. Leave out all the spaces in that email address btw!!