Barney Post question


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New to sailing and looking into a 1971 Omega 14. The model I looked at did not appear to have a Barney post or a block for the main sheet. It just had a loop and cam cleat attached to the bottom of the boat. As I look around online all other pictures I was able to find have the barney post and a block. Do the older models not have this set up or is it possible this one is missing components. Thanks for your time and I hope to be sailing it soon!


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Hope you got my email. Ya, I think they were built w/o the barney post and you need one for at least a couple of reasons.
It positions the mainsheet cleat higher and further forward so you can more easily tack and get your body between the main sheet and the tiller. Or am I just too fat? anyway, I like my homemade barney post alot. Won a race today with several faster boats, A Finn, a few lasers, a snipe etc. My boat name is OMG which is the official abbreviation for the Omega.