Barney post attachment for 14.2 Keel boat


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I have a 97 year Keel version of the Capri 14.2. From previous posts I have read on this forum, it looks to be a Mod 3, as it fits the window for model year, and it does not have the wood attachments for the top deck. My question is that my boat does not have a Barney Post installed. However, a previous owner installed an angle-iron bar across the beam and bolted it to the gunwales, then bolted the main sheet blocks to the middle of the angle iron. Quite the shin buster. Did the keel version come with a Barney post? In the deck below the spot where the main sheet block would be mounted, there is an oil filled navigation compass, probably covering the hole where the main sheet block was previously mounted. If the main sheet block was mounted in the deck looks like, it was just fastened with wood screws, as there looks to be no way to access under the deck plate for a backing plate, or backing hardware. I am looking to install a post of some sort to move the main sheet block down on the deck, and get rid of the shin buster, but not sure how it was done original? Also the boat has nothing to secure the hiking straps, which are also missing. Any info you might share with me would be most appreciated.
My 2016 Mod 3 14.2K (keel) appears to have the same Barney Post as the model currently listed on Catalina Direct's website. This is a boat which I ordered and purchased new, coming from the factory in Florida. The Post is attached to the sole with four (or five) stainless round boat heads showing on each side. My assumption is that the Post was mounted to the sole with through-bolts and backing plates and nuts prior to the bonding of the cockpit/interior to the exterior hull flange. Just as I expect that the shroud mounts were also assembled similarly during manufacture. It is hard for me to imagine any other way to securely attach fittings considering the stress on the bolts and the fiberglass. The Post also has the same brackets for hiking straps as pictured on the web site. I would recommend that you contact CD by phone or email and enquire about their recommendations for installation. And you are most likely correct about the location of the nav compass, which I am assuming is positioned directly below a block on the mast for the main sheet to lead through. I think that there may be a way to remove the compass and close up the hole (if there is one); mount the Post to a rigid plate which could be mounted somehow to either the sole or into the sides of the seats at the sole position, if the plate were rigid enough not to flex. The system you are describing is not only unorthodox but sounds absolutely dangerous. A plate across the sole isn't the best idea either. Good luck!
Follow-up to this thread. I called Catalina Direct and spoke with their Technical rep. He told me I should screw the Barney post down with #12 Sheetmetal screws. I located Center line under the boom, and installed the post as directed by CD. Will see if it holds-up when I commission the new(old) boat in the springtime.

The cockpit sole/deck, where I located the post was about 3/4" thick by my best calculations. I used 8-each 2" stainless Philips pan-head screws, and at the mid section where it was mounted, I did not get any where close to the hull. I used a poker thru the holes and figured I had about 8" or so before I was to bottom out in the hull.

Feels pretty solid now, will see how she rides. I do believe the boat would tump/heel over before the post rips out, but we shall see.
No, there seemed to be no metal, and there was no metal in the swarf of the drill bit. The drill went thru the fiberglass shell and the under core like butter. I did use a center punch to mark location and keep the bit from drifting. I did try to minimize the size of the drill diameter, so that I could get the most bite out of the screws. But I thought it best to drill pilot holes to prevent fiberglass cracks. Sealed the holes with Life-Caulk overnight, then screwed it all together the next day.
Time will tell I guess! If they rip out, I'm sure you could fill with epoxy or something to get the screws to 'stick'! Best of luck!