Barnett 1400/Sunfish combo with extras

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Barnett 1400/Sunfish combo, 1995

Barnett 1400 sailboat in very good condition with two rigs: OEM bermuda rig and standard Sunfish lateen rig with crisp Intensity sail--both in very good condition. Both rigs are 75 square feet in area. Both masts fit in the same masthole; masts are unstayed, so no wire stays or sail sleeves. No other changes required switching from one to rig the other.

The Barnett hull mixes characteristics of both Sunfish and Laser. It has hard chines like the Sunfish but is wider and more stable. Its bermuda-rig sail resembles the Laser�s but is hoisted with a traditional halyard. Wooden daggerboard and tough, all-metal rudder. Quality fiberglass hull construction with three inspection ports. Harken Carbo mainsheet ratchet and SLO canvas boat cover with custom PVC interior support. Trailer has new rims, tires and bearings plus a spare tire. Sale includes optional jib and optional rowing kit with two 7-ft oars--all in excellent condition.

  • Length = 13'10" (same as Laser and Sunfish)
  • Beam = 53" (Laser = 54"; Sunfish = 49")
  • Weight = 140 lbs
  • Cockpit = 68" x 34"x12" - larger than either Laser or Sunfish
  • Crew capacity = 600 lbs
  • Mast = 20 ft
  • Boom = 9 ft
  • Place and year of manufacture = Green Lake, WI 1995
    A new Barnett 1400 runs about $5000. Windward also produces the 12-ft Butterfly scow.

    Email Dave at
  • or phone 785.410.9001
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